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The building housing The Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop was built in 1875 to be a retail showcase for The Pride of the Falls flourmill adjoining it. There was a water wheel driven gristmill, powered by the Chagrin Falls River. Somewhere around the middle 1940’s the building became known as ‘The Popcorn Shop’, and began serving fresh locally produced items such as Ice Cream, Popcorn, Candy,  Coffee and Gifts and still does today.

A note from Dewey Forward, proprietor:
Almost everyone I meet from Northern Ohio has a childhood memory of the Popcorn Shop.  They remember trips to Chagrin Falls with their Grandparents or Family, grabbing some rich Ice Cream and walking the falls and the village of Chagrin, becoming whom we affectionately refer to as “CONELICKERS”.   People seem to just adore this place. That’s why I bought it in 2001 after the great accident. A van lost its brakes coming down the perpendicular street leading to The Popcorn Shop in November of 2000. The van slammed into the front of the Popcorn Shop dislodging it from the bridge it abuts and almost pushed the whole building into the river. After purchasing it along with the original owners family the McClennans, we restored the building from the foundation up. It’s built like Fort Knox now! 

The popular proprietary products at the shop are: Euclid Beach Custard, DEWEYS COFFEE (organically grown, fairly traded, fresh roasted locally), Country Parlour Scooped Ice Cream, Fresh Double Cheese Popcorn, Original Butter & Salt, and Old Fashioned Candies. We also feature fresh Kettle Corn, Sunny Corn (low fat) and Golden Caramel Corn. The shop sells memorabilia and gifts of Chagrin Falls as souvenirs of our fine village.