The Popcorn Shop wants to be more than just a landmark for visitors and local patrons. Owning and operating the Popcorn Shop is infinitely rewarding, and we want to share our appreciation with the community.

Our shop, and its history, has a story that goes beyond any one person. As stewards to the current generation of Popcorn Shop patrons, we recognize that giving back to the community is an important way of showing our gratitude and commitment to the people that give so much to us.

As a result, the Popcorn Shop offers a fundraising program that allows organizations to raise money for a variety of important causes in the community by selling our carefully crafted popcorn flavors to friends, neighbors and supporters. We love working with non-profit organizations, after-school programs and other fundraising efforts.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries! To begin your fundraising campaign contact Dewey Forward at or 216-991-1101.

Popcorn Fundraising