Our Kettle Corn Road Show for your festival, corporate event or party.  

The Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop is Ohio oldest and we think finest popcorn in the midwest since 1949.  We use only the finest organic popcorn and all natural ingredients to create our proprietary artisan flavors.  We are completely self contained in our trailer with tent, cooking and cleaning equipment,  including a mobile food service permit good for the state of Ohio.  We can cook our fire roasted Kettle Corn on site and provide a wide variety of our our freshly packaged artisan flavored corn for display and sales. We have also set up our display with numerous artisan fresh packaged flavors, without the cooking for indoor or or other environments  which don’t lend itself to cooking.

Please contact us via email for further information…. DeweyMail@aol.com.  

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We debuted our revamped Road Show at The Cleveland Museum of Art’s centennial celebration. 

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Set up before the crowd at The Cleveland Museum of Art.  We can add our fire roasted kettle corn cooking to this operation. 

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We are featured at Cleveland’s finest grocery stores and other retail outlets including Heinens, Zagaras,  and Whole Foods.